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003: Christmas cheer!

So, it's nearly christmas time, and that's got me thinking! Why don't all of us exchange gifts! Not just any gifts either, here's the fun part Pals... We do it as SECRET SANTA'S!

Now I know what you are thinking, BAH HUMBUG right? WRONG! It'll be fun! So, who's up for it? Come on, it's time to add some christmas cheer to our gloomy murder filled lives!

[Edit] Everyone better enter you hear?!
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I'll help you Mr. Scruffy Detective!
I'll put your name in the hat then!
You neglected to number your post, Detective. One would suggest that you should always begin as you mean to continue.
AH! Mr. Edgeworth Sir! I'll go back and do that right away Sir! Sorry SIR!
Very good.

Now on the actual subject of your post: Is there really much point to a 'secret santa'? I do not believe you will recieve enough participants to make it successful.
Well, There's you Sir! And... ME! Oh and little Miss Fey!

... Maybe Mr. Wright too...
Pardon me a moment Detective. I shall require a minute while I reread what I have said so I can find the point where I agreed to join in this seasonal charade.
You don't want to do it Sir?
(How is it possible for a fully grown man to pull such a pathetic puppy face? And why am I falling for it?)
(Ahem) If more people sign up for the event then I shall submit my name into the hat, detective. However, if the numbers remain so diminished then I shall not be involved in any way, shape or form. Clear?
Crystal clear Sir!

(Mr. Edgeworth is so kind. I hope I get this chance to give him a gift! I'll save my WHOLE salary this month!)
Secret Santa, huh? I'm game. Sign me up!

( My poor bank account... I don't even need Maya to predict this could be a bad move on my part. )
That's GREAT Pal! Really great news!