Phoenix Wright (fluke_or_skill) wrote in igi_ari,
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Ahhh, this time of year is so non-stop, Christmas then New Years straight after. Busy time. Not as busy as a few years ago, though...

Mil--Er... Edgeworth, thank you for the present, you really shouldn't have.

( Especially considering what I got for you... Uhhh. I need to hang around people who aren't quite so well-to-do with their money. Like Gumshoe. ...maybe not. )

I hope everyone had a good time over Christmas, though. Perhaps we can plan some kind of get together for New Years eve or-- Ah, that's the door. Who would be turning up this early?

[I swear, I'll drabble the gift-giving soon... Unless you want to play it out with me? ;D I mind not either way! ♥ ]
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