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Disarranging [Filtered to Phoenix Wright]

If I might quote this evening's exchange:

Edgeworth, i've forgotten which beat it was that you were king of. Please be so kind as to remind me? -phoenix

Phoenix Wright, 17:21

Don't you dare try and mock me, Wright. I do not take kindly to it, particularly at this apparently Festive time.

Miles Edgeworth, 17:24

Was i mocking you? I'm genuinely curious. Mind you i've been drinking a tiny bit so my memory isn't so good. You don't like this time?

Phoenix Wright, 17:29

Considering I was accused of murder at this time of year, I can't say it's very close to my heart, no.

Miles Edgeworth, 17:33

I suppose we'll have to find something to try and make ths time of year more enjoyable.

Phoenix Wright, 17:40

Will we indeed, Wright? I hope the word 'karaoke' is not suddenly going to enter this conversation.

Miles Edgeworth, 17:45

We will indeed

Phoenix Wright, 17:46

Might I enquire just what type of alcohol drove you to this exchange? And just why you were drinking at this time in the afternoon?
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